Kaho-sann   Youtuber かほさん

Kaho is my favorite youtuber who produces videos on trekking. Her fans have been exponentially increasing. I think the reasons are as follows.

Firstly, each video is informative. They show us various handy tips on trekking such as how to access trails, dangerous spots, viewpoints, historical background of mountains, methods of outdoor cooking, details of mountain huts, and her general impressions about each trekking. Some of them actually helped my own trekking.

Secondly, as the time of each video is around 15minites, we can easily enjoy them in a short time. If they were too long, viewers would get bored.

Finally, her own personality is attractive. I feel her passion in conveying the pleasure of trekking. She never shows off her skills or adventurous experiences. Whenever she gets exhausted, she doesn’t hide it and grimaces, and it is really cute and favorable. In addition to that, I like to see her eating every dish with an extremely big bite! I believe almost all fans would be fascinated not only by the videos but also her familiarity.

In accordance with the increase of her popularity, she has expanded the range of jobs. An outdoor magazine publisher wanted her to be a model trekker for the magazine. Therefore, we can enjoy her trekking both in the magazine and her video series. Then, to my pleasure, she appeared on an NHK radio program “Yama-caffe” which deals with trekking. I am very proud of her progress as if I were her mother.  On the radio, she said she wants to climb Mt. Everest in the future! I’m looking forward to seeing the video in which Kaho is smiling on top of there.