My town 我が町

My town is in the huge Noubi plain. As  Nagoya , one of the big cities in Japan, is just 10 minutes by train, more and more people have been moving here.

It is not the place to visit but to live, because there aren’t  any interesting sightseeing spots nor beautiful landscapes.  When you look at my town from Meitetsu trains or JR trains, you will see just rows of houses and feel bored.

However, once you live here, you will find it is really comfortable.

Firstly, price of food and necessities of life are quite cheap, because  there is a superabundance of supermarkets, drugstores, and convenience stores, and the competitions among them are fierce. They make strenuous efforts to attract customers with bargain prices. We appreciate their efforts every day.

Secondly, there are many hospitals and clinics, and the number has been increasing in accordance with the increase of population. Citizens have various choices to get better medicine and treatment.

Thirdly, the transportation network is very convenient. There are two train lines and two highway interchanges. The international airport is just one hour by train. We can go everywhere quite easily.

Fourth, compared with neighboring cities, the elderly welfare services are quite good. Considering mine and my husband’s future needs, this is an undisputedly important.

Finally, we rarely suffer from serious natural disasters. As there is no sea, we are never in danger from tsunamis. No mountains means there is no risk of mud flow.

When I moved to this town, I was a little bit disappointed with this uninteresting place. But now I am quite satisfied with it. Whenever I want to go traveling, I can access a various range of sightseeing places such as the Nihon Alps mountains, Lake Biwa, the Sea of Japan, the Pacific Ocean, and big cities like Osaka or Tokyo, within three hours.

Once, my husband and I had planned to move to the countryside. However, we finally abandoned it, because it is difficult to attract enough clients.

Probably my husband and I will end our life in this town. That is fine. Instead of living in a rustic town, I will “visit “there as a tourist and “live” comfortably and happily in this nondescript but convenient city.


一宮は山も海もなく風光明媚さに欠けますが 住むにはとてもよいところです。物価も安く、医療や福祉に恵まれ、災害の少ない一宮で”市民”として暮らし、山や高原は”観光客”として楽しんでいます。