A lifetime occupation 97歳の看護師



Reading a newspaper, I was struck by an article. It was about an elderly nurse. The summary is as follows:

97 years old Kiku Ikeda is a nurse. Since she was 88 years old, she has had worked at a nursing home. She has brilliant careers. When she was in her fifties, she was appointed as a chief nurse at three different hospitals. In her sixties, she was awarded a medal by the Japanese government. However, the president of the facility says, “She didn’t mention it when she came to our job interview. She is just modest and graceful.”  Her colleague also admires her, “She is adept at her job and sincerely gentle to our residents.”

Ikeda says, “I have not done anything special. I have just continued to work with pride.”  At present, she works only once or twice in a month because of the knee pain.

It is my ideal lifestyle. I am an acupuncture and massage therapist, and my husband and I have run our therapy office for 26 years. Next year, I will be sixty, a general retirement age in Japan, but retirement is not in my mind. I love my occupation and communication with clients. Although I am quite aged, I believe I can still be a better therapist.  Therefore, I have still taken both acupuncture and massage lessons in Osaka once or twice in a month. If I thought about my retirement, I would never do that.

As the article says, her recent on-duty hours are quite short. It is good to change her lifestyle in accordance with her age. I suppose earning money is not a matter for her now. She must have felt being a professional and contributing to society is significant. I will emulate her calm passion. This article greatly encourages me.