Dishes and Cutlery  器とカトラリー

One of my acquaintances told me her father eats almost everything, such as a piece of cake or spaghetti, with chopsticks.  Hearing it, I remembered an event several year ago. My husband and I had a potluck party with his English teacher and the family. All the members enjoyed the conversation in an amicable manner. At the end of the party, when he served puddings to the guests, he found he had not brought spoons. Therefore, we managed to eat the pudding with chopsticks we used for the previous dishes. Although it was an unusual experience, we enjoyed it with a big smile. For me, it certainly tasted delicious. The atmosphere might have made the pudding delicious.

            Therefore, I can imagine the acquaintance’s father  sincerely savoring all his food with chopsticks. 

            However, even though I enjoyed the pudding, I prefer to have it with a spoon, because I believe each dish should have its own most suitable cutlery. The effect would be great. When I go to a café and have a cake, the moment I cut it with a fork makes me excited. I feel I am savoring a special occasion, which brings me to the poetic western world I dreamed of in my childhood.  When I go to a French restaurant, I use a soup spoon for a soup and a knife and a fork for the main dish. For me, it is an unusual event and I fully appreciate the atmosphere and the taste of the dishes. If a waiter served those dishes with chopsticks, I might not be so excited and entertained. I believe using suitable cutlery has a favorable effect not only on the atmosphere but also the taste.

            I would like to talk about the topic with several people. Hearing their opinions, I might be able to find other interesting notions of the relationship between dishes and cutlery.