The End of Autumn

On October 21, I climbed Mt. Gozaisho with my husband. We have trekked this mountain countless times because it is one of the best mountains as training for climbing North Alps Mountains in summer. When we had climbed it the previous week, the weather was fine, and we could enjoy the cool air and sweet smell of leaves. However, this time, the cold gusts were blowing continuously, and the whole mountain was howling furiously. As I am especially sensitive to cold, my hand went numb. Without exchanging any words, we determined it was the last trek to Mt. Gozaisho of this year.

            In the mountains, winter comes much earlier than the towns.

 North Alps Mountains are already slightly covered with snow, and the mountain huts closed in the middle of October.

            Therefore, around this time of the year, I used to feel sadness, because it is quite a long time until we climb those beautiful mountains next year. From November to March, we just climb neighboring small mountains, Mt. Kinka and Mt. Hatobuki repeatedly.


            This year, I decided to spend this lonely season more positively.

Firstly, I purchased several novels on trekking and life in mountains and highlands. Then, I made some changes to my room. I got rid of unnecessary things, changed the color of lights from cool white to warm orange, and changed bed linen to one made of fluffy fleece.

Now I feel as if I am staying in a cozy mountain lodge. In this room, I read those novels and immerse myself in the world.  I feel it is just fun rather than consolation.  I finally found a good way of enjoying this season!



今年も私と主人の登山シーズンは終わりました。北アルプス八ヶ岳はすでに冠雪しています。御在所や伊吹山も登山道が凍結し、冷たい強風が吹きます。中高年のわたしたちは これからは近所の低山を繰り返し登ることになります。