The Significance of Paying

Many clients ask me why I am so energetic although my treatments require considerable stamina.  I tell them I treat myself with acupuncture every day and go to an acupuncture therapist once a week.  Then almost everybody says, “It is curious.  You can ask your husband to treat you.  Both of you are therapists, aren’t you?   You can save the time and money.”

But I don’t want to ask my husband to do this, as I think he needs free time to relax.  Instead of treating me, it is better for him to rest and recover his energy. 

However, there are a more important reason I go to a therapy office run by my acquaintance.  I can learn a lot from his therapy.  Both he and I have learned acupuncture and massage technique under  Mr.Kobayashi in Osaka for 23 years.  That means both he and I use similar acupuncture technique.  While taking his therapy, I can remember the lessons and feel their effectiveness.  Paying him for his therapy maintains professionalism.  He will give me his top service, while I can be especially attentive and aware-serious about acquiring hints and techniques from him.

My grandfather always told me, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”  I believe that saying is especially important when you learn something.  I have spent considerable money in learning acupuncture and massage therapy.  The fee for lectures and transportation to Osaka every month is quite expensive.  But that makes me very serious, and I have refined skill every time.   That is a precious treasure I have accumulated over 23 years which nobody can steal.  Therefore, I never regret investing in learning.  I will continue going to acupuncture therapy and taking lessons in Osaka.

Not to mention, in order to continue leaning and paying the fee, I should be very careful not to squander money in something meaningless.  And I am always grateful to my husband’s broad mindedness which has made it possible for me to continue go there for such a long time.