Thank you, JAF!

When my husband and I were driving a highway, our car got a flat tire as it run over a fallen object.  He stopped our car at the edge of the road, and I called JAF, Japan Automobile Federation. 

The service technician arrived about twenty minutes later, and quickly got to work.   He secured our safety and cordoned off the area so as not to cause another accident, examined the flat tyer, explained to us how he would deal with it, and changed it to a spare tire. 

After that, he explained to us it is better to change all four tyers at the nearest tyer shop, because driving with the spare tyer is unstable on highways.  Following his advice, we left the highway and bought new tires at a local tire shop.  With them, we could go home safely.

 His work was brilliantly meticulous and speedy.  I was so impressed!  For me, he looked like a hero. 

Although it was a bit expensive, we were lucky as this accident resulted in just a flat tyer, because it could have lead to a more serious accident.  

Two weeks have passed since then.  Now, that accident has become one of my good memories.  It was nice to share the sense of anxiety and reassurance with my husband.  That operator of JAF helped it a lot.