Let’s put on socks!

Whenever I see girls whose ankles are naked, I am always worried about their health.

At the inside of an ankle, there is an important therapy point called “Saninkou.”  It is especially important for women.  If they expose the point without putting on socks, their entire bodies get cold from the inside.

            Here is a curious story. One of my clients had not been able to have a baby for a long time after marriage although she and her husband had been trying.  So, I treated her with an acupuncture and massage therapy to make it easier for her to become pregnant.  When she left our therapy office, I noticed her ankles were completely naked even though it was in chilly winter. Then I explained to her she should keep her ankles warm.  After a few months, she got pregnant. She told me she had warmed up her ankles not only by putting on thick socks but also legwarmers.

            I will not say she got pregnant only by warming her ankles.  But I believe it helped her a lot.

            Therefore, I highly recommend you to put on socks which have a suitable length throughout the year.


HP of Kenkodo