Dさん夫妻が健幸堂の隣の田んぼの収穫をしていた。歳をとるにつれ、田んぼの美しさに気づいた。黄金色の秋はもちろん、それぞれの季節の美しさがある。丸裸の冬の田んぼでさえ 色々な鳥がやってきて楽しませてくれる。






Beauty of rice field


Mr. and Mrs.D, the owners of rice field next to Kenkodo were harvesting rice yesterday.  Getting aged, I have found the beauty of rice field.  Not to mention the gold-shinning field of its autumn, all season has its own beauty.  Even in winter, when it looks completely bare, many kinds of birds come and amuse me.  I thank rice farmers not only for keep supplying stable food, but also for preserving significant landscape.


HP of Kenkodo