The Price of Salt

This is a love story around the1950’ between two women, Therese and Carol.  In those days, people had severe prejudice against LGBT.   However, I felt even though they are lesbians, the feeling of love is just as the same as that of heterosexuals.  It is pure, beautiful and even painful.  Reading this, I remember the sweet feeling of my younger days:  I became happy, worried, and lonely to see the change of a guy’s attitude.  Whenever I was not with him, I could help thinking about him. 

I had not read love stories before.  But this book gave me a genuinely beautiful reading experience.



海南病院の医師が コロナストレスの対処法を提案していることを新聞で知った。ネットで見ることが出来る。







The list for stress coping

I found a newspaper article which mentions a hundred ways to cope with corona-stress which were suggested by a doctor in Kainan hospital.  You can find it online:

I think it is informative and interesting. Only reading the list, I become relaxed and exciting.  I myself don’t feel corona-stress very much, but it looks helpful on every occasion when I feel being stressed.  I am grateful to the doctor for making this nice list.


HP of Kenkodo


前回 編笠山から見えた権現岳に登った。特に危険個所もない編笠山と比べて 権現岳はスリル満点だった。山の上部は斜面が急で足元も危うい。安全のためにヘルメットを着用し、一歩ずつ着実に進んだ。8時間50分もの山歩きだったが二人とも元気で疲れこむようなことはなかった。前回の登山で高度順応も出来たからだろう。安全登山のためには、やはりトレーニングは大切だと感じた。




Mt. Gongen


This time we climbed Mt. Gongen, which we had sawn from Mt. Amigasa the other day.  Compared with Mt. Amigasa which does not have any dangerous trail, that of Mt. Gongen was thrilling and exiting.  At the high part of the mountain, the slope is quite steep and precarious.  We put a helmet for our safety and progressed slowly and steadily.  We had to be careful not to fall.  It was 8 hours and 50minuites walk, but we were quite fine and never exhausted.  Probably that is because we have adjusted to the high altitude by the former climbing of Mt. Amigasa.  It convinced me training is important for the safety trekking.


HP of Kenkodo
















主人と長野県八ヶ岳編笠山に登った。一宮は初夏だが、山はまだ春の始まりだった。登山道に雪も残っていた。山頂では低温と強風に悩まされた。吹き飛ばされそうだった。しかし、景色は抜群で まだ雪を抱いた富士山、中央アルプス御嶽山乗鞍岳北アルプスがはっきりと見えた。この時期の信州の山は 緑の新緑と青い空と雪山の白のコントラストが素晴らしくて大好きだ。8時間の山歩きだった。体はつかれたけれど気分は抜群!


下山して白樺湖と女神湖周囲を歩いたが、多くのカフェや土産物屋が潰れていた。コロナ渦の影響だろう。早くコロナが収束して にぎわい取り戻せますように!









Mt. Amigasa

With my husband, I climbed Mt. Amigasa in Nagano prefecture.  Although the Ichinomiya is the beginning of summer, the climate there were just a beginning of spring.  We could found snow flakes on the trail.  At the peak, we were embarrassed by the low temperature and strong wind.  I was about to fall because of the wind.  However, the landscape form there were amazing.  We could see Mt. Fuji, The middle alps, Mt. Ontake, Mt. Norikura, and the North Alps very clearly.  Those mountains have quite lot of snow on the top.  I like to see this time of mountains.  The contrast of green trees, blue sky, and white snow is beyond the words.

It was 8hours trekking.  Although I was physically exhausted, mountains, especially mountains in Nagano always makes me fit.

Descending the mountain, the town of Lake Megami and Lake Shirakaba were desolated.  Many cafes and souvenir shops were closed.  Probably they couldn’t overcome the effect of the pandemic.  I do hope it would be over soon and these people could resume their business.


HP of Kenkodo













その話、良くわかる。健幸堂でも春には 気分の落ち込みや しつこいめまいや 不眠を訴える人が増える。心と体が 季節のダイナミックな移り変わりについてゆけないのだろう。でも、不安がることはない。まず、誰もが春には不快になりやすいのだと理解することが大切だ。そして しっかり眠って できるだけストレスを避け、栄養に気を付ける。シンプルだけれど、体とコロロに効く。












Weird magical power of spring


One of the clients who is a policeman told me a curious story.  He said, “April was extremely busy, because many elderly people who suffer dementia and considerable number of people with mental illness left their home and strolled around the town, especially at night.  I wonder why those incidents increase in spring every year.  May be spring has some weird magical power.”


I agree with the idea.  Many clients come to my office and tell me they feel depression, have annoyed by persistent dizziness, or unable to sleep well.  People’s mind and body seems difficult to cope with the dynamic change of the season.  But we do not have to be pessimistic about the matter.  There are some measures to cope with them.  Firstly, you should remind people can be uneasy in spring.  Then, you should sleep enough, avoid stress as much as possible, and have nutritious food, and focus on something you like.  Those are simple solutions.  But it changes your mind and body.


HP of Kenkodo






主人と御在所岳に登った。朝3時にヘッドライトを頼りに登り始めた。中腹で 夜明けと日の出の美しさにうっとり。暗い空が黒からブルー、そしてオレンジに変わる。 輝く伊勢湾、知多半島木曾山脈が見える。たった数分のパフォーマンス、はかない美しさだ。

ここでは春の訪れはゆっくりで 山頂は冬の様相だった。でも、中腹ではアカヤシオが咲き始め、小さな青い花があちこちで咲いていた。










Mr. Gozaishodake


I climbed Mr. Gozaishodake with my husband.  We started the climbing at 3 a.m. with headlight on.  Just at the middle of the mountain, we were fascinated by the beauty of daybreak and sunset.  The dark  sky changed the color from black to boule, then to orange.  I could see the gleaming Ise bay, the Chita peninsula and Kiso mountains.  It was just a fleeting beauty.  This performance ended in only a few minutes.

Spring comes slower here this mountain.  At the top, trees are still the face of winter, no burgeoning nor flowers.  But the middle of the mountain, Akayashio have began to bloom.  And I also found small blue flowers have bloomed here and there

We were lucky today to appreciate many beauties.

HP of Kenkodo












私はスイーツ男子が好きだ。父もスイーツ男子だった。子供のころ 上手なホットケーキとココアの作り方を教えてくれた。父が学生だった頃 ある甘味処は男性のみの入店は禁止だったので、女性たちに同伴をお願いしていたとのこと。甘味処は女性優位の世界で、当時、スイーツ男子は少数派だったようだ。


コンビニエンスストアが 美味しいスイーツに力を入れだしてから、スイーツ男子の時代がやってきたと思う。ケーキ屋でスイーツを一つ買うのは勇気がいるが、コンビニエンスならなんのためらいもなく買うことが出来る。


やっぱり私はスイーツ男子が好きだ。父のみならず 夫もスイーツ男子だ。幸せそうにスイーツを食べている夫を見るのは幸せな気分だ。










Sweet tooth men


When I was in a convenience store, a tough looking man grabbed a pudding and went to the resister.  He must be one of the sweet-teeth men.


 I like sweet-teeth men.   It reminds me of my father.  When I was a child, he used to lecture me how to make good pancakes and a cup of hot cocoa.   He said when he was a university student, he had asked girls to go to a confection parlor with him.  Because without accompany of women, it didn’t allow men to enter there alone.  The confectionery parlor seemed to be women-dominated place.  And those days, sweets tooth men might be minority in japan.


Since convenience stores have launched on selling quite high-quality confections, it seems men have acquired the easy access to the sweets.  It might be a little bit hard for them to enter cake shop alone and buy a cake or pudding.  On the other hand, buying only one confectionery is much easier mentally.  They don’t have to hesitate at all.


Again, I like sweet teeth men.  Not only my father, also my husband is sweet teeth.  Looking his eating confections happily also makes me happy.


HP of Kenkodo